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y v o n n e   v a n   d e n   h e r i k
a r t   i n   p r o g r e s s   0 9   ·   l i v e   p r o j e c t
this page is showing a selection of the  a r t   i n   p r o g r e s s   0 9   w o r k s
including the (freehand) digital painted drawings
made in interaction with dance and music
origin and background of this project is  m o v e d r a w i n g
experiments initiated and developed in interaction with dance & choreography
scroll down or click h e r e  to see the  m o v e d r a w i n g   w o r k s

a r t   i n   p r o g r e s s   ·   i n   a d v a n c e
inspired by music


digital painting, part of short stop-motion film
‘in the mirror’ of sofia gubaidulina

d i g i t a l   d r a w i n g   a n d   m o v i n g   i n t e r a c t i o n
selected visuals of the live performances

sietske klooster and me  ·  photo ©09 adriën cozijnsen 

moving and experimenting together  ·  photo ©09 adriën cozijnsen 

eline tan: painting together  ·  photo ©09 ina wolters 

detail of interaction between eline and me  ·  photo ©09 loukie hoos 

imagine..  ·  photo ©09 adriën cozijnsen 

angelina deck:  dance or drama  ·  photo ©09 adriën cozijnsen 

sietske again:  just playing and creating  ·  photo ©09 adriën cozijnsen 

t h e   d r a w i n g s   t h e m s e l v e s
a small selection of the digital drawings, made during the performances



this live project was performed at Kunstroute Leiden 2009
in and around the monumental building of ARS Aemula Naturae
drawings © 2009·2021 yvonne van den herik

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m o v e d r a w i n g   p r o j e c t
this page originally started as a draft version, with spontaneously created contents, gradually developing, just as the movedrawing project itself.
scroll down to read more about the birth and growth of this project.
below, first, a small selection of blogposts from the movedrawing log started in 2008
drawings © 2008·2021 yvonne van den herik
during 2009 the project developed into the artproject  a r t   i n   p r o g r e s s  : see above
oct 2009

Eline Tan (moving) and me (digital painting, live,
projected on the wall) , see ‘art in progress 09’ above

sept 26th and 27th 2009
performance of live artproject  Art in progress 09 at Kunstroute Leiden
drawings, paintings and graphics inspired by dance and music
may 2009
some digital sketches, made interactively, during a workshop at Pictura Dordrecht
with Janne Eraker

apr−sept 2009
the growing of the artproject  a r t   i n   p r o g r e s s   0 9
organizing participants and location
designing invitation card and poster

nov/dec 2008
a series of intuitive sketches, freehand made on a digital tablet during a workshop, in which they were interactively projected on the wall
a b o u t   t h e   m o v e d r a w i n g   p r o j e c t
The movedrawing project started with Sietske Klooster and me, mutually influencing and inspiring each other in our work. We met each other at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft), at first sharing professional interest and experience in 'Design Aesthetics' as wel as in 'Methods and techniques for the conceptual phase of design'.
Inspired by my artwork drawings, Sietske gave an exceptional dance performance during the opening of an exhibition of my work. Afterwards, in my turn, I was inspired by Sietskes movements and improvisations. We decided to try out more and this in fact was the start of the 'movedrawing project'.

dance improvisations by sietske klooster at the opening of my exhibition in 2003
(stills: susan de groot)

In 2007 Janne Eraker contacted me. Cooperating with Sietske, working together in dance perfomances, choreographies and workshops, Janne got inspired by my drawings too and asked me to support the dance event she was working on. This resulted in the dance performance 'Low Lux' (nov 2007, Muiderpoorttheater, Amsterdam) and my drawings figuring in the background of the act.

flyer and announcement of dance event (choreography and dance: janne eraker)

movie still showing drawings figuring in a part of the performance

In 2008 Sietske, Janne and I started experiments in dancing and drawing together. Trying out communication with the languages (prose as well as poetic aspects) of dance and visualisation, exploring dialogues with movements and drawings. Intuitively reacting on and mutually driven by each others actions and ideas.

some visuals of the movedrawing project
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